Keep Maintenance Costs Down with the Ram ProMaster

Having to maintain a cargo van is not an easy task—this much we know. This exact reason is why at Arrigo Ft. Pierce, we stock models that are not only convenient for our customers, but also easy to maintain. This is why we have the Ram ProMaster, a popular cargo van notorious for how convenient it is to maintain.

For example, the oil change intervals of up to 10,000 miles allows you to not have to worry about changing it more frequently, giving your van enough stamina to keep going during those long months of driving!

On top of this, the included 3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine is notoriously durable and will last you for long periods of time, making it easier than ever to be able to rely on your van. Because you won't have to worry about giving the engine maintenance often, you can save money in the long run with the Ram ProMaster! Want to see the engine for yourself? Stop by our dealership for your own test drive!



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